Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges

August 25, 2022


No matter how adventurous and adrenaline-pumping movies make it sound, facing criminal charges for any type of offence is not a feat anyone would like to experience in real life. Besides the immense anguish and mental pressure, an allegation puts an individual through, the results of a possible conviction are unimaginably frightful. From substantial fines to severe jail sentences, the outcomes of a conviction for even the most minor criminal charge deter even the most courageous and assertive people.

Unfortunately, some unforeseen or fated circumstances often drag people into such undesirable situations in one way or the other. From a minor DUI transgression to a more serious violent crime, the range of offences you can be charged for is broader than what comes to mind. Likewise, the degree of the severity of the punishments also varies accordingly.

One thing is quite evident from the discussion above: while facing such allegations you must obtain legal counsel from a reputable criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton. Self-defence can go horribly wrong when an average individual is not a law expert and can therefore not adequately comprehend the navigation of the convoluted judicial system.

Besides self-defence, there are numerous other erroneous decisions and actions people take when facing criminal charges. Honestly speaking, it is understandable that the overwhelming perplexion and anxiety tend to push people into doing things they wouldn’t even think of when in their right minds. Nonetheless, in such situations, you must do whatever it takes to maintain self-composure. You just need to remember that a slight slip will put your career, social dynamism, and quite possibly your whole life at stake.

This blog post will explore the common mistakes people make when facing criminal charges to better understand the moves you must avoid.

Fleeing From The Situation

Naturally, running away from a threatening situation is an intrinsic human trait. Like all other living things, our reflexes urge us to escape or hide from anything our senses deem dangerous. Understandably, being charged with a criminal offence can leave anyone and everyone devastated to the extent that they feel running away is in their best interest.

However, it is in situations like these you must remember that you are a member of a civilized society and must act accordingly. No one can just grab you by your collars and push you into a dark cell. In this age and era, you have the full right to defend yourself against any criminal charges with or without the help of a criminal lawyer (depending upon the situation). Thus, instead of running away and giving the jury a reason to believe you are guilty, stay and face the charges and prove your innocence.

Running away or not cooperating with the police can lead to additional charges. Just remain calm and think wisely.

Contacting The Claimant

In a state of anger or in an attempt to clear misunderstandings, defendants often make the dreadful mistake of reaching out to the complainant. Even if your intentions are pure, such actions can be interpreted as attempts to intimidate the aggrieved party, and your pure intentions will backfire. So don’t try to speak directly to a claimant, and don’t let them talk to you either. You wouldn’t want any casual discussions to be recorded and used against you, now would you?

Not Exercising Your Right To Remain Silent

Do not aggressively claim your innocence in front of a police officer. No matter how angrily you shout in front of a police officer or how much you veil or shriek in despair, they will not let the charges against you clear until and unless the legal process is completed.

Hence, when an officer says, “ you have the right to remain silent,” just act maturely and exercise your right because it is in your best interest. Sometimes, even the right thing is wrongly worded when you are in a disturbed mental state. Therefore, instead of indulging in unnecessary discussions, assess the situation and think of the right course of action.

Unnecessarily Discussing The Case Out Of Court

You must have heard the famous ‘don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer’ slogan. Here is a piece of advice for you:

Don’t talk to anyone except your lawyer.

Even if family members or friends ask you about the case out of genuine sympathy, politely request that you would like to keep the details to yourself until the case is over. Similarly, a criminal charge is not something you should post about on social media, although it might sound like a tempting act. Always remember that you are the accused, and your actions are being monitored.

A misstep is all that is needed to jeopardize a relatively easy case.

Not Hiring A Dependable Criminal Defence Lawyer In Edmonton

Lastly, as emphasized earlier in this blog, an accused is often not in the ideal state of mind to defend themselves against the respective charges. Only an experienced criminal defence lawyer with a firm grip on specific areas of criminal law can diligently defend an accused party.

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