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Daryl Royer

Mr. Royer has always had a passion for advocating for people’s rights and a desire to ensure that all Canadian’s fundamental rights are protected.

One of Edmonton’s Most Sought-After Criminal Defence Lawyer

A successful academic effort at law school was followed by articles at an Edmonton-based criminal defence law firm, where Mr. Royer further expanded his knowledge and enhanced his ability to practice criminal law. While in law school, Mr. Royer proudly authored several major papers on areas focusing on criminal law, including euthanasia and dangerous offender legislation.

From the outset, there was an emphasis on this interest in criminal law. After successfully completing his articles and bar entrance programs in 2003, Mr. Royer was admitted to the bar. After being called to the bar on May 31, 2003, Mr. Royer started successfully defending those accused of violating the criminal code right away and won written and recorded verdicts that established precedent in law.

To date, Mr. Royer has been involved in over 90 reported cases that demonstrate Mr. Royer’s stature as a formidable advocate and a reliable criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton. Mr. Royer has represented clients in criminal courts throughout Canada including British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Ontario.

Mr. Royer has represented persons accused of crimes at every level of court, including Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench, and Appellant Court in various provinces, including the Supreme Court of Canada. With more than 90 reported decisions, over 50 appeals, and over 20 years experience, Mr. Royer is a well known and respected criminal defence lawyer.


Areas of Practice

What should you expect from one of the best criminal defence lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta? Only the best legal services. Daryl Royer is one of the most respected criminal defence lawyers not just in Alberta, but all around Canada. He has successfully defended accused persons on various charges, including:

Mr. Royer’s Unique
Defence Process

Facing a criminal charge can be emotional and severely stressful. Mr. Royer approaches each case with an open mind and is non-judgmental. His professionalism is in accordance with the highest standards of professional discipline and he adheres to all the procedures of the judicial system in order to conscientiously help you through these challenging circumstances. Read more about Mr. Daryl’s defence process here.



The Initial Interview

This point marks the commencement of Mr. Royer’s duties as a criminal lawyer as he obtains an initial thorough understanding of the alleged offences.


Bail Rights And Representations

During this step, Mr. Royer will ensure you are not denied your right to reasonable bail without a just cause.


Event And Disclosure Review

This step involves reviewing the evidence against an accused to find the difficulties in the Crown Prosecutor’s case and prepare for a potential trial.


Attainment And Analysis Of Witnesses' Statements

During this step, Mr. Royer will scrutinize the available evidence against the words of the witnesses.


Docket Court Appearances And Trial Date

Mr. Royer will attend docket court, and a trial date or preliminary examination is scheduled based on the charge, the situation, and the defendant's best interests.



This marks the beginning of sentencing negotiations between the Crown and the defence.


Election And Plea

The Crown may elect to proceed with either a summary conviction, hybrid, or indictment. The defendant will also elect a mode of trial and decide whether to plead guilty or not.


Preparing The Accused For A Trial Preliminary

Then, Mr. Royer will collaborate with his clients to fully prepare them for their trial or preliminary.


The Trial

Trials can involve evidence that surprises everyone in the Courtroom, including the accused. Trials can also involve written submissions, lengthy oral evidence, and in-depth cross-examination.


Sentencing And Appeal

Besides partaking in sentencing discussions to protect your interests, Mr. Royer assists you with the appeal procedures if needed.

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