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Why Do You Need An Administrative License Suspension Appeal Lawyer In Edmonton?

Besides the jail penalties and severe fines, an impaired driving or DUI offence will also result in administrative license suspensions over prolonged periods. Your license will be suspended if:

  • Your blood alcohol content is 80mg or higher for 100ml of blood.
  • You were driving while your driving ability was impaired by alcohol, drugs, or both.
  • You refused to cooperate with a peace officer and did not provide a breath sample.

Only a devoted and experienced administrative license suspension hearing lawyer in Edmonton can protect your rights and defend them against any unfair charges.

Let One Of The Best License Suspension Lawyer In Edmonton Assist You

The existing Alberta statute, which has been ruled unconstitutional, is that an accused person automatically receives a license suspension from operating a motor vehicle pending disposition of the criminal accusation. These administrative suspensions remain in effect subject to an appeal process. Generally, an appeal must be made within 30 days of the suspension.

All of the circumstances surrounding the allegation are taken into account during the appeal process. However, there is no proper application of the standard of proof, and there is no burden on the province to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person was actually guilty of any crime. The hearing process can be costly, frustrating, and has time limitations and filing requirements.

It is imperative that matters involving an administrative license suspension should not be taken lightly. Driving while suspended may lead to additional charges, which will further complicate the issue. Besides a vehicle seizure of 30 days, driving while suspended may also result in additional fines of up to $2000.

In this regard, Mr. Royer has been very successful in appealing administrative license suspensions for numerous clients in Edmonton and across Alberta and the rest of Canada.

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