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A person can ask a higher court to review the case to determine whether any mistakes were committed as part of the appeals process in the hopes of convincing the court to reverse its judgment or order a new trial.

The person who filed the appeal referred to as the “Appellant” will attempt to convince the appeal court that the lower court made a mistake that warrants overturning its decision. The opposing party referred to as the “Respondent” will present the argument that the lower court's judgment was accurate and shouldn't be changed. All of these points will be taken into account by the appeals court, which will then decide whether to intervene or uphold the lower court's ruling.


Types of Criminal Appeals

Criminal appeals are classified into two categories.

Conviction Appeals

Every person convicted of a criminal offence has the right to appeal their conviction. You will have the right to appeal to the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench or the Alberta Court of Appeal, depending on what level of court your trial was held in and how the crown proceeded.

Sentence Appeals

If you are satisfied with your conviction or have pleaded guilty to an offence or offences but are unsatisfied with the sentence you got, you can simply appeal your sentence.

Do You Need A Criminal Appeal Lawyer?

A criminal appeal lawyer can represent you in appealing any criminal offence to get your conviction or harsh sentence reversed. While you wait for the outcome of your appeal, Mr. Royer will assist you in suspending any ancillary orders, such as a probationary period or a judicial suspension of your driver's license. It is suggested that you should get in touch with our office and obtain legal representation and counsel, whether you are appealing a conviction or responding to a crown appeal.

If you are filing for an appeal, you must have the consultation of an experienced Edmonton criminal appeal lawyer.

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