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There are laws in Canada that help regulate drug possession, consumption and use. However, in some cases, these laws result in outright prohibition and, in other cases, just regulation. All drug-related offences are prescribed within the “Controlled Drugs And Substances Act.”

Mr. Royer is a top-of-the-line criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton who can save you from the allegation of drug offences. Drug offences are a very sensitive matter that can only be resolved with the help of a certified drug offence lawyer. There are many instances in which a person is wrongly charged with drug possession or drug trafficking, in order to get out of these charges freely, you will need the help of a certified drug offence lawyer such as Mr. Royer. With his immense knowledge and skills, he can help protect you from the accusation of drug offences.


What Are Drug Offences?

All crimes that are charged under the “Controlled Drug And Substances Act” are categorized as drug offences. There three main types of drug offences such as:

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking
  • Drug trafficking

Drug Possession

In simple words, possession is defined as knowingly keeping drugs in your personal possession, in the possession of another person or in a place for your own or another person's benefit. Drug possession is defined as having some control over the item. If you are charged with drug possession the prosecutor will have to provide various elements to prove the drug possession.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is defined as giving, selling, transferring, delivering or sending a controlled substance. It also includes selling an authorization or offering to give, send, deliver, sell or administer a controlled substance. To prove drug trafficking charges against a victim the prosecutor will need to provide a factual and detailed analysis.

When Do You Need A Drug Offence Lawyer?

If you are charged with drug possession, drug trafficking or any sort of drug offence you will need a certified drug offence lawyer to represent you in court and try to save you from the consequences. Mr. Royer is a highly qualified and trained criminal defence lawyer who has all the knowledge needed for fighting drug offences. Hence if you ever need the help of a drug offence lawyer, you can contact Mr. Royer for a consultation.

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