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The possession, transportation and use of firearms come under a specific category of criminal law. The possession and storage of a firearm can now result in serious criminal charges. In Canada, firearm and weapon offences are prosecuted under the “Criminal Code Of Canada” and the “Firearms Act.”

Under the firearms and weapon offence, you can be charged with improper storage or possession of weapons. You can also be charged with the possession of prohibited or restricted firearms. In Canada, under some circumstances, you can even be charged for the possession of a knife. Firearm and weapon offences can be very serious and if not dealt with professionally you can face serious penalties.


Mr. Royer is a certified criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton who has years of experience in defence against firearms and weapon offences. So if you ever face allegations of firearm and weapon offences Mr. Royer can help you get out of it. He with his immense knowledge and skills can save you from the penalties of firearm and weapon offences.

Firearm Offences Can Range From Discharge To Life In Jail

If someone is convicted of a weapon and firearms offence the sentences that can be imposed will vary depending upon the circumstances. A firearm offence sentence can vary from a complete discharge to life in prison. In some situations, a firearms offence can lead to at least one, two or five years of imprisonment.

This area of law is very complex and requires diligent defence work. For instance, many Canadians believe it is unlawful to possess a knife or possess it in a hidden nature. All these beliefs are not true. It is not unlawful to possess a knife. However, it is unlawful to possess a knife for a dangerous purpose or possess a knife that is a prohibited weapon (a switchblade is prohibited).

Factual, legal, constitutional, and diligent defence work all play a role in defending those charged with weapons offences. Mr. Royer is a dedicated lawyer with the experience necessary to defend those charged with firearm and weapon offences.

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