Canada Fraud

Canada Fraud

A failure to report income, GST rebates claimed incorrectly, and false or misleading statements to the government can all result in extraordinary consequences. Being ordered to pay original amounts, plus two to three times the original amount is not unheard of.

Fraud is a serious criminal offence that is frequently complicated and has severe consequences. A fraud lawyer may assist you in defending your rights and comprehending the accusations made against you.


Defining Fraud

Fraud is a fairly wide crime that encompasses all forms of dishonest and corrupt behaviour, much like theft. Fraud is a crime that has three main components:

  • A dishonest act
  • Loss or Risk of Loss
  • Knowledge of the Risk of Loss

Although these ideas may appear straightforward, they can get quite complicated very quickly, as fraud can be a very challenging crime to define.

How A Criminal Defence Lawyer Can Help You If You've Been Convicted Of Revenue Canada Fraud

When dealing with Revenue Canada, using a criminal defence lawyer as security can be very crucial and valuable. When correctly reported, a case involving ten years of company income without reporting GST or other revenue can become a case of beneficial resolution and self-disclosure without penalty. In such circumstances, the outside experts will be called in, as well as tax law expertise from a recognized accounting firm.

Although Mr. Royer, is not a tax adviser, he has been involved in important cases of tax fraud, income failure to report, and tax evasion, where he helped his clients settle problems with Revenue Canada that may have otherwise had severe consequences.

Consult a criminal defence lawyer for help if you are unsure if a certain activity could be fraudulent.

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