Qualities That Denote The Best Criminal Defence Lawyer In Edmonton

August 19, 2022


Getting stuck amidst the chaos of the criminal justice system is rarely good news for anyone. No matter how wealthy or prestigious you are, defending yourself against a criminal charge is never a bed of roses. A minor misstep could cost you a permanent taint on your criminal record and cause you to permanently face numerous restrictions on your academic life, career, and social life. Besides travel restrictions, a conviction for even the most minor criminal charge can prove to be the biggest barrier between you and your life goals.

Hence, the importance of having the most reputed criminal defence lawyer in Edmonton defend your rights and case can not be emphasized enough. The complexities of fighting off a criminal charge are beyond the mere memorization of the Criminal Code  and other intricate regulations.

That is, it is not sufficient for a lawyer to simply possess a license to practice law to successfully defend your case. They must know how to put their legal knowledge into action to reap fruitful results.  As a wise man once said, knowledge without action is meaningless.

However, ascertaining whether a criminal lawyer is proficient enough to handle your case is a challenging task. Without technical legal knowledge, it is undoubtedly difficult for an average individual to evaluate whether an attorney in question is the right fit.

In order to help you assess a prospective criminal lawyer’s credibility and expertise, we present this blog post consisting of qualities that demonstrate that a prospective lawyer has what it takes to handle your criminal case diligently.

Authenticated Experience And Expertise In Criminal Law

Criminal law students spend years in law schools cramming and scrutinizing various laws and cases that set precedence. However, this knowledge on its own is not enough. Law requires more of an application of the learned principles to unique situations. As a result, a criminal defence lawyer must know how to navigate the judicial system for the benefit of their clients besides having the technical knowledge.

In this regard, experience is the best indicator of a lawyer’s grip on criminal law and its application. To assess their expertise, all you have to do is visit a prospective lawyer’s website and look at the practice areas or services they offer, and also read through the testimonials left by former clients to scrutinize the lawyer’s proficiency and the said areas of expertise and articulateness.

Mr. Royer has represented and successfully defended numerous clients in various Canadian provinces and has appeared in the Supreme Court about five times.

Excellent Communicator And Negotiator

Top-notch communication and eloquence work like magic for any criminal case. If your prospective lawyer is not good with his words, a straightforward case with every witness and evidence in your favour may also become stressful and draining. Thus, your prospective criminal defence lawyer must be eloquent and have outspoken verbal and written communication skills.

Besides being fluent in the courtroom, a lawyer must also be a good out-of-court negotiator. Since communication is only fruitful if it is two-way, an excellent criminal lawyer must also be an attentive listener. Not only should they be able to speak fluently with the judges and other lawyers but also have the patience and forbearance to listen to you and understand your point of view. You can easily assess this quality in the first meeting with your lawyer.

Ability To Balance Compassion And Professionalism

While nonmaleficence and autonomy are crucial in law ethics, the cruciality of beneficence can not be overlooked. In an attempt to act practical and professional, most lawyers forget their clients are human beings, and the situation at hand puts them into a wrecking emotional turmoil.

Professionalism and practical thinking make a lawyer good at their work, but compassion and empathy earn them immense respect and appreciation in the eyes of their clients. While there isn’t a specific way to determine whether a prospective lawyer is compassionate, their attitude and communication style can be good indicators.

Superior Investigation And Analytical Skills

Besides thinking out of the box, the best criminal defence attorney must be able to analyze the situation in light of the evidence, witnesses, and the unique circumstances of the accused to think of the best defence strategy. Instead of just looking at the matter from the surface, a criminal attorney must dig deep and evaluate the substantiality and reliability of every piece of evidence and testimony.

Established Connections In The Legal Community

Lastly, connections always give a person an edge regardless of the field they work in. It is imperative to remember that the idea here is not to gain an unfair advantage but to use connections to fairly benefit a client. For example, if a lawyer needs some information to complement a particular piece of evidence, they will know who to call because of the established links they have in the community.  

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