Things To Do Before Meeting With Your Criminal Defence Lawyer

November 4, 2022


Facing charges for any major or minor criminal offence is extremely excruciating. After all, being the center of attention in a criminal trial is not the same as a heated argument in a family law case. When it comes to a criminal conviction, the legal, social, reputational, professional, and academic impacts are far worse than those in a division of property.

Resultantly, the level of stress and anxiety you, as a defendant, may undergo is incomparable and, at times, unbearable.

As a professional criminal defence lawyer serving clients all around Alberta and Canada, I understand your despair more than any well-wisher. On top of all the thoughts of a ruined future, the uncertainty and indecisiveness regarding what to say or do when you meet your supposed saviour, a criminal defence lawyer, takes all the torment to a whole new level.

Although the situation may appear pretty grim at the moment, I would like to assure you that it is not completely futile. Calmness and a clear mind make all the difference needed to turn the tables in your favour. So the first thing you need to do is calm down and think things through.

Prepare for the upcoming meeting with your defence lawyer. This blog provides some of the most crucial things you must consider before meeting your lawyer.

Look For The Best Criminal Defence Lawyer In Edmonton

Top-notch defence primarily depends upon the expertise of the one defending you. Evidently, the latter is not easy, as every defence lawyer in Edmonton portrays themselves as the best. In this regard, the first thing you have to do is check their website for testimonials since you do not yet have access to their credentials.

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I recommend that instead of legal fees, you give priority to their experience in the realm to ensure success. After all, your whole life is at stake.

The Initial Phone Call

Once you are satisfied with a lawyer’s expertise and reputation, give them a call to have a brief discussion about your situation. This will give you a better understanding of their attentiveness and customer service. If all feels good, go ahead and schedule an initial interview with them.

Prepare Your Documents

After you set the date, proceed to the preparations. Naturally, the first thing you will do is compile all of your personal and professional documents. Besides your background information, ensure you have everything that might affect your case.

Assemble Records Of Previous Charges And Convictions

This point is an extension of the preceding one. However, its cruciality mandates a separate emphasis. Your previous criminal record has a huge influence on your current case. The latter is especially true if you are facing drug or sexual offence charges. Before sentencing, the court considers whether you have a criminal record.

Thus, your defence lawyer needs to provide criminal defence services in light of your existing record and its implications.

Gather Evidence And A List Of Witnesses

When the documentation is ready, the next step is to gather all the evidence you have. From phone call records to pictures, videos, emails or anything else, gather everything in an organized format. Arrange physical and digital shreds of evidence separately.

Prepare a list of witnesses that can testify in your favour. However, do not attempt to forge or tamper with any piece of evidence.

Note Down All The Critical Discussion Points

Now, you will note additional crucial points or even questions you think your lawyer should know. In fact, your lawyer should know everything related to the case. Even if the details are embarrassing, which might be the case for sexual assault cases, relay your side of the story with great precision to detail.

Prepare For Questions From Your Criminal Defence Lawyer

Once you are done with the talking and have asked your defence lawyer all your questions, it will be the lawyer’s turn to interview you. Therefore, you must prepare yourself mentally for even the most personal and seemingly intrusive questions. You must remember that proper defence is your only chance of surviving the allegations. So you must answer all questions truthfully without hesitation.

The best way to overcome your reluctance is to accept the situation and expect certain questions.

Put Your Expectations On Paper

What do you want the criminal defence lawyer to do for you? The answer to this question requires detailed scrutiny of your case. If you are completely innocent, your goal will be to avoid a conviction by all means. But if every piece of evidence goes against you, your plan B should be to get a reduced sentence. Hence, sit down and set realistic goals for whatever you think is about to come your way.

Ensure Your Contact Information Is Correct

This is not a one-time discussion. You must expect a lot of back-and-forth communication between yourself and the lawyer. Since time is vital for your case, a simple cell number is not enough. Give them detailed contact information with alternatives to reach you in case they do not get a hold of you on your phone number. Preferably, put down this information on a piece of paper and check it for accuracy.

Double Check Everything

Lastly, ensure you haven’t left out anything. Go through your preparations and documentation several times so that nothing leaves your brain.

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