Things To Have Prepared For A Meeting With Your Criminal Defence Lawyer

February 2, 2023


Being accused of a crime can be terrifying, especially for first-time offenders who are unfamiliar with the Canadian criminal justice system. Hiring a qualified criminal defence lawyer who specializes in your case should be your first move if you find yourself in the middle of a criminal defence case.

It’s crucial to realize that your coordination with your lawyer is vital for a successful trial. You must make sure that everything you tell your lawyer is factual and that nothing is being withheld. Here is everything that you need to get ready for your initial consultation with a criminal defence lawyer.

What Is The Importance Of The First Meeting?

Your initial consultation with your lawyer is crucial in any legal matter. Here, you must determine whether you have the necessary faith in your lawyer’s competence. You must think about what you require in a criminal defence lawyer and assess the person you are meeting in light of your needs.

In addition, you must thoroughly describe the case you are working on in order to determine whether or not the lawyer is qualified to handle it.

Bring A Copy Of The Charging Document

If you have been accused of committing a crime, you should have received a copy of the information. You should bring this document to your consultation with your lawyer as it contains the specifics of your charge, including the date, location, and any information that was available at the time, i.e., the circumstances or facts that demonstrate why you were charged.

There will be a breakdown of the specific Criminal Code provisions. Information is possibly the most crucial item to give your criminal defence lawyer so that a defence can be prepared. The truthfulness of the information and the validity of the charges brought against you are essential to the prosecution’s ability to prove its case.

Therefore, it is also crucial that the lawyer has access to the information in case there are any serious errors, such as missing your name or the name of the issuing officer, failing to list the offence, or forgetting the time or place where the offence occurred. It would be impossible to determine whether you received a trial within a reasonable amount of time without a date on the document.

Bring All Relevant Paperwork

Your criminal lawyer will request to see any documentation that is relevant to your case. It will speed up your case if you carefully consider what might be relevant to your case and present any relevant documentation to your lawyer right away. This will be helpful, for instance, if you have been accused of theft or fraud involving personal property but actually have the receipt for the thing you are accused of taking.

These can be useful if it is asserted that you were somewhere at a specific time, but your phone records, text messages, or social media posts demonstrate otherwise. The police do not always get it right.

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Be Prepared To Present Your Story To Your Lawyer

When you are able to provide a precise and in-depth account of what happened, your criminal lawyer can assist you in the most effective way. Come prepared to discuss the circumstances leading up to the accusations made against you. Be prepared to share your understanding of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Any witnesses with information supporting your case should be prepared to give their names and addresses.

Your lawyer can set up a subpoena to make sure a witness shows up to the trial if you are unsure whether they will testify. This information is protected by the solicitor-client privilege and cannot be disclosed by a lawyer once you start working with them. The information you disclosed cannot be used against you, even if your lawyer violates this privilege.

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