Severe Consequences Of Drug Offence Charges In Alberta

November 10, 2022


Unlike theft or minor assault charges, a conviction for possessing or trafficking drugs can ruin your life for good. In Canada, there is no such thing as a minor drug offence. Once convicted, the adverse consequences you will face will be excruciating and irreversible. From travel restrictions to deportations (for non-permanent residents), jail, fines, life-long prying eyes, and a tainted criminal record, drug offence charges put a lot at stake.

Evidently, the only way to save yourself from such terrifying implications is to hire an experienced drug offence lawyer . A well-reputed and long-serving criminal defence lawyer will ensure a pitch-perfect defence with special attention to all the possible outcomes of a specific defence route.

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Besides a ban on travelling to the US and academic barriers, your chances of ensuring a bright professional career also fall significantly. Owing to an adverse criminal record, you will not be permitted to work in vulnerable sectors such as schools or with the elderly.

While the above discussion provides a clear picture of the possible outcomes, the points are somewhat general. It is important to note that a technical understanding of the basics of drug offences and their relevant legal penalties is important.

Accordingly, this blog brings forth a systematic overview of the possible legal outcomes of a conviction for drug crimes in Alberta.

Relevant Laws And Legislation

In light of the seriousness and sensitivity of drug offences, the crime is dealt with in a separate Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) . However, the Criminal Code of Canada does provide a few important definitions relating to the offence. On the other hand, the CDSA sets forth a quite comprehensive analysis of each drug offence, its severity, and possible penalties.

Nonetheless, one thing is clear: drug-related crimes are unforgivable in Alberta and throughout Canada. But that does not mean you do not stand a chance of beating any unfair charges in this regard. If you have been charged with a drug offence let Mr. Royer come to your aid with his outspoken eloquence and deep-rooted experience.

His excellent defence services for drug offences can turn the tables and save you from all the adverse effects of a conviction.

Controlled Substances And Their Categories

In addition, the Act also divides controlled drugs and substances into six schedules. This division is based on the toxicity of the substance in question and the seriousness of the harm or impairment it is likely to cause.

For this reason, the schedule under which a substance falls also determines the severity of the punishment you will earn (as discussed later).

Given the type of penalties set apart for drugs found in these schedules, it can be deduced that the substances in schedules 1, 2, and 3 are treated more seriously than those in the last three schedules.

Drug Offences And Their Punishments

Unlike the popular perception, there is no hard-core rule that every drug offence results in the same fixed jail term and a substantial fine. Drug offences are further classified into different categories. Thus, the court first determines the category under which your crime falls and then decides on the punishment.


Possession does not necessarily refer to being caught with physical custody of a controlled substance at a certain moment. Instead, the intent and content of the accused to knowingly have or keep the drugs at home, in a car, or with another person means possession. If you do not have the prohibited drugs on you but have kept them with a friend, both of you will be convicted for possession.

How Long Do You Go To Jail For Drug Possession In Canada?

You could be lucky enough to just spend six months in jail with a $1000 fine or serve a painful term of seven years with a substantial fine. Primarily, the answer to this question depends upon the applicable CDSA schedule, previous criminal record, and whether the Crown proceeds with summary or indictment.

Drug Trafficking

While possession results mostly in self-harm and harm to close acquaintances, trafficking has a far worse motive of promoting drug usage at a wider scale for monetary objectives. Thus, it is a more serious offence which has no summary conviction.

Depending upon the drug class and other relevant factors, you can spend anything between just a year and a lifetime in jail.

Drug Importation And Exportation

This is trafficking at the international level. Since multiple countries and their respective legislations are involved, this kind of offence is dealt with in great severity.

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